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Since late 1980's Peterson Waggoner & Perkins, LLP has represented numerous clients on economic development issues concerning state and local taxation. Tax abatements have been a very successful method of achieving economic development benefits within the Fulton County and towns throughout Fulton County. From small building projects to multi-million dollar factory renovations, clients have made their case for the proper application of this economic development tool.

Peterson Waggoner & Perkins, LLP has been involved also in the areas of establishing and appealing assessments for business and industries. We are familiar with the processes involved in appealing an adjustment to assessment, a new assessment, or a dispute over assessments.

The use of economic revenue bonds has not been as widely used in Fulton County as tax abatements, but has been successfully petitioned for by the attorneys of Peterson Waggoner & Perkins, LLP. For your economic development considerations throughout Fulton County and northern Indiana, please consider our services.