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The purpose of estate planning is to prepare for the orderly distribution of a person's worldly goods, in anticipation of death. Estate planning may include the creation of last will and testament, and the establishment of one or more trusts. We are experienced in planning estates from a modest size to large and complex plans. We plan estates when the concerns are family oriented, as well as financially oriented

Gifts to charities or others may only be accomplished with appropriate estate planning.

General types of Wills
  • Spouse or Adult Children Will
  • Spouse or Minor Children Will
  • Special Needs Will
  • Will with Testamentary Trust
  • Tax Planning Will

For estates that are larger than the Federal Estate Tax levels, special planning can provide for minimizing the tax impact on such estates. Tax planning estates are considered complex estates and often involve the use of trusts, annuities, life insurance policies and other tools to preserve the estate for the family or intended beneficiaries.

There are a variety of other estate planning issues which can be handled by competent estate planners. We have experience in these issues:

  • Blended Families
  • Non-Marital Partnerships
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Special Needs Planning for Disability Recipients
  • Insurance Planning for Family or Business Purposes

Once a family member dies, it is important to determine whether estate proceedings need to be undertaken to make proper distribution of the assets held by the decedent. Occasionally, appropriate Estate Planning means that nothing additional needs to be done to meet the legal requirements of protecting the rightful heirs, creditors and taxing authorities. In other cases, minimal legal work needs to be done.

The purpose of PROBATE is to provide the orderly protection of the rightful heirs, creditors, or taxing authorities interests at the death of a person. We are accomplished in the prompt and efficient handling of those matters which require probate proceedings, to meet the desires of the deceased person in an appropriate manner.